Motor Market

Buying a vehicle is one of life’s biggest investments.

Why not obtain independent, reliable advice that will result in a satisfying value-for-money purchase?
You can, with Motor Market.

  • Join the thousands of satisfied members who have purchased vehicles with the professional help of Motor Market. Remember we reresent you, the member, NOT the dealer.

    Find out how this hassle-free and exclusive service works for you.
    Or call us on 1300 366 265 to speak to a consultant.

    How does Motor Market work?

    Discover all there is to know about our expert car buying service for new or used cars.

    Visit today. You can even make your enquiry online now.

    Simply call us on 1300 366 265 to speak to a consultant.
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  • Motor Market saves you time and money when purchasing your next car. Our network of reputable car dealers allows us to supply new and used cars to you at great prices.

    To be a part of the savings, simply decide on the make and model of the vehicle you wish to purchase, then call Motor Market with your preferences, prices and requirements.

    Motor Market also provides a number of related services to members:

    • Trade-ins
    • Insurance
    • Tinted windows
    • Rust-proofing/Protection packs
    • Delivery arrangements

    Five great reasons to use
    Motor Market

    1. Less hassles, no sales pitch
      We represent you, the member, NOT the dealer.
    2. We know our market
      Motor Market consultants are state government licensed industry professionals.
    3. Pricing
      Our collective buying power means bigger savings and more value for you.We endeavour to obtain the most competitive price so you can spend more time making the right decision about the car and accessories you need.
    4. For members
      Motor Market is available to Senior Shopper members, their families and friends.
    5. Our guarantee.
      Our aim is to ensure you are 100% satisfied.