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Arrange your life insurance and disability insurance through Mr Insurance

Mr Insurance - protection for a rainy day

  • Mr Insurance offers Senior Shopper members free quotes, free reviews of existing policies. Call them now to start saving, or to ensure you and your family have the right protection.
  • Mr Insurance is proudly Australian-owned, and provides good old fashioned service from quotes to claims. Call and talk to a real advisor for some common sense and professional life insurance and disability insurance advice. They will guide you through the insurance maze that can be extremely daunting to those not experienced with the ins and outs of the life insurance industry. Mr Insurance is here to help Senior Shopper members ensure that they are properly protected and getting the most competitive cover in the market.

    Mr Insurance will provide a second opinion on any existing policies you have, at no charge, and will quote and advise on new cover for:

    • Life-related insurances
    • Income protection
    • Trauma/critical illness
    • Total & permanent disability
    • Key person cover
    • Buy sell cover
    • Childrens’ insurance

    When you put your insurance in Mr Insurance’s hands, you’ll get the kind of old fashioned customer service that places you and your family first.

  • Phone: 1300 662 752.