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  • Members receive a 10% discount on all online orders for our personal cooling products: Neck Tie Coolers, Cool Cloths, SunGuards multifunctional headwear, Cool Vests and Cool Hats. Members should go to the Personal Cooling Products website, enter the code ‘SENIOR’ into the Senior Shopper Site discount box at the top of the order page.  You will notice that the discount will be immediately applied to your order items as you order them.
  • Do you suffer heat stress ? Headaches? Hot flushes ? Find it hard to get to sleep on a hot summer’s night ?
    Looking for a fast eco-friendly effective way to cool down ? You need personal cooling products.

    We all know it is more important, and more difficult, to cool down than to warm up. Finding relief from heat related disorders and cooling down, simply, in a cost effective environmentally-friendly way can be a challenge.

    Our personal cooling products system, which combines a neck tie cooling collar or Cool Cloth with a range of unique Australian designed Cool Hats with magic Cool Pads, offers an innovative and inexpensive way to keep cool and comfortable on hot days. Our heat sensitivity products have stood the test of time. We have been proudly supplying thousands of people around Australia and the world with our personal cooling products since 2001.

    We keep you cool when gardening, golfing, travelling, working, playing, or simply relaxing. Check out all our testimonials on our website.

    We are an all Australian small business. Thank you for your support.

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