What does Senior Shopper do?

Senior Shopper provides Seniors Card holders and their families with great deals and benefits on a large range of products and services.

Senior Shopper has been around for over 35 years, so we know what we’re doing! We know that every dollar counts, and use the united bargaining power of our large membership numbers to secure the best possible savings for members.

Importantly, we’re not here to make money off members. Any profits made by Senior Shopper are used to improve the service even further. All for the greater benefit of members!

What can I buy through Senior Shopper?

Not sure what you can source through Senior Shopper? Our products and services list is extensive, and chances are we can help you with whatever it is you’re looking to buy!

Whilst we are probably best-known for our electrical shopping service, which has helped literally hundreds of thousands of members save on anything with a plug, that’s not all we do. Motor vehicles, rental cars, cameras, computers, travel, accommodation, entertainment, wine, gift cards, jewellery, insurance and health products are just some of the categories we cover.

Note: Some products & services may not be available in all areas

How do I become a Senior Shopper member?

The Senior Shopper service is free, and is available to current Seniors Card holds.

You will need to register online to have full access to areas of our website that are restricted to the general public. Registration is quick, easy and free. Register now

If you have trouble registering online, give us a call on 1300 366 265 and our Member Services team will happily help you.

How do I use Senior Shopper?

Being part of the savings is easy!
Depending on what you want to purchase, we’ll either do the leg work and come back with the best price we can find, or we’ll give you the details of our preferred suppliers.

Simply go to the Products & Services section to find specific information on the product or service you are interested in.

Why shop with Senior Shopper?

We source amazing prices and deals for members, consistently! In many cases, it’s where you’d usually shop, just with a better deal!

The service is FREE, and you can potentially save thousands of dollars on your everyday purchases each year. In fact, the savings many members make each year easily offset their union membership fees.

We greatly appreciate the many members who support us, and need your continued support to ensure we can continue to source fantastic savings for everyone. So use us, it’s all we ask.

How can Senior Shopper beat major retail store prices?

Senior Shopper is able to provide members with the best possible savings through the united bargaining power of our large membership numbers.

You and your fellow members help each other by using our service to source great deals on an ever-increasing range of consumer and lifestyle products and services.

We can’t guarantee that we can beat every deal in the marketplace, especially as all facets of the consumer market become increasingly competitive. We can with your support however, continue to strengthen our presence to attract superb deals for you.

The success of the Union Shopper service has always depended on the support of members, which is as simple as calling us BEFORE you make any purchase.

We invite all members to challenge Union Shopper to find you a better deal.